Water and lemon: the way to detoxify the body

Lemon. It is a citrus fruit with multiple uses and countless beneficial effects, already known in antiquity and also honored by the German poet J.W.Giethe, in his song "You know the country where the lemons bloom". The novel was born after a trip to Italy, where he got to know, admire and appreciate this yellow citrus fruit.
Given the great abundance of crops and trees in our country, it would be impossible not to know and exploit all the healing properties of a good glass of water and lemon.


Drinking water and lemon is a completely natural way to detox and remineralize, but the following advice should be followed to make the most of the benefits of this citrus fruit. The water used must not be cold, but warm, tap water at room temperature is fine (where drinkable), even better if it is decanted; in any case it should not be cold. Cold water would involve a waste of energy and additional energy used by our organism concerning blood and digestive in terms of assimilation.
It should be drunk in the morning, on an empty stomach. The peel should not be thrown away or wasted, because the rind, the pericarp, has a thin yellow layer (the flavedo) that contains pectins and flavonoids. Its essential oil is therefore a powerful antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-infective. It can be useful for a skin scrub and for delicious recipes in the kitchen: creams, desserts, semifreddos, first and second courses, always as long as they are organic and untreated lemons, washing them accurately.
Some love to associate it with a pinch of ginger, turmeric or other beneficial spices. This way of combining the elements is great for making the best of their positive qualities.

Beneficial properties

Diuretic. Drinking water and lemon has a purifying effect, stimulates diuresis helping our body to expel toxins, disinfects the urinary system and allows to improve its functionality, even in case of cystitis and bacterial infections, such as candida and escherichia coli. This is because its positive action on our intestine helps to counteract the pathologies that can arise with the poor functioning of the latter and in case of poor diuresis.

Regulates the pH. For the same reason it helps to regulate the ph preventing the bacterial action and intestinal fermentations, helps reduce acidity in the stomach and urinary tract as well as inflammation due to uric acids. This is because lemons give a very high intake of citric acid and are among the most alkalizing foods of our body.

Strengthens the immune system. It is very rich in vitamins A and C, which in the past were used to prevent scurvy and are the basis of the well-being of our immune system to strengthen it and prevent colds, flu, many viruses and deficits; a regular intake of these vitamins will be of great help to our body. Vitamin C is also an anti-inflammatory, it helps iron absorption without causing side effects, and is mucolytic. Rich in potassium, lemons are used to reduce blood pressure and stimulate nerves and neurological activities. They have antiseptic and expectorant properties, useful in sinusitis, in the presence of mucus and even asthma.

Helps digestion. It stimulates the production of bile in our liver, helps to expel toxins in the liver and in the digestive system, thanks to the presence of vitamins and mineral salts. It stimulates peristalsis, even in those who have a deficit from this point of view, and relieves symptoms of digestive heaviness, decreases swelling, and heartburn.

Convalescence. The vitamins and minerals of the juice, thanks to their antiseptic and anti-inflammatory power, are aids in case of recovery after an illness. They also help keep the cartilage healthy and therefore prevent fractures, osteoporosis, helping cellular invigoration and a quick recovery. Not only does it help to get sick less, but it is also a valid support in the case of states of asthenia and post-injury deficits.

Energizing. The alkalizing properties of the lemon, thanks to its negative ions and the potassium contained, promote digestion and encourage renewed energy, stimulate good mood, help us to sleep well reducing anxiety and depression and, consequently, it gives strength to our body.

Purifying. The already mentioned antioxidants, combined with Vitamin C, counteract the damage of free radicals, bringing an improvement in the skin, giving it brightness and preventing the formation of wrinkles and cellular aging. Lemon is also useful in cases of acne and seborrheic dermatitis, because its antiseptic, disinfectant, antibacterial effects help to improve the dermis and the cicatrization of pus and acne. Similarly, our hair will also benefit from the daily intake of water and lemon, especially in case of dandruff, dry or greasy skin, dermatitis, hair loss and hair off. The purifying action translates into beauty and brightness even for the skin and hair. Against halitosis and stomatitis. Lemon is also a friend of our smile and our mouth, great for whitening teeth, and getting rid of gingivitis, stomatitis and helps us to eliminate halitosis, thanks to its antiseptic effect and its ability to regulate digestion. Often the cause of halitosis lies in the gums or in poor digestion. To avoid that the citric acid of lemons, rich in vitamin C, can affect the enamel, it is good practice to rinse with water.

Hydrates. The minerals in the lemon, combined with lukewarm water, allow us to hydrate our body and increase the function of the lymphatic system, in case of poor circulation, cellulite, fatigue, muscle and mental fatigue, thanks to the potassium present in the lemon, as well as in case of constipation and insomnia. Good hydration is at the base of our body’s well-being and it allows us to prevent all these symptoms.

A valuable aid during weight loss. Lemon is indeed rich in pectin, which is known to counteract hunger attacks. In alkalizing diets (which tend to avoid basic foods to restore the alkaline factor in our organism), lemons are used as adjuvants of weight loss, associated with the regularization of the intestine, cellular well-being and skin, hydration, of renewed energy, of stabilizing the blood pressure. When all these factors return to equilibrium, it will be easier to lose weight.